Adequately protecting artwork and/or antiques against the possibility of loss or damage is a prudent decision.


Despite our best efforts and those of our service providers, there are inherent risks in international transit. Conventional renter’s and homeowner’s policies do not provide coverage for these kind of items while in transit.

Our base transportation rate DOES NOT PROVIDE any coverage for loss or damage. If selected, the cost of standard Insurance coverage base on declared value, which includes, at no additional cost, short term transit storage protection at a full service origin and/or full service destination warehouse.

Standard insurance coverage DOES NOT INCLUDE coverage for loss of value for pairs and sets or loss caused by mechanical derangement and mold & mildew. These enhancements can be purchased individually at a bundled extra rate of the declared shipment value.

Please consult us regarding any questions you may have.

For your information, please see below some example of items not covered:

  • Jewellery, precious stones,
  • Currencies, stamps,
  • Bank notes,
  • Collections,
  • Shares, stocks, coupons,
  • Live animals,
  • Perishable goods,
  • Dangerous goods,
  • Plant



  • Inherent defect of the insured goods,
  • Faults committed by the insured,
  • Confiscation,
  • Absence of packing,
  • Shipping delay,
  • Weapons or explosives,
  • War risk,
  • Riots, strikes